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Computers have become so prevalent in our eveyday lives - from school assignments to office work and even entertainment, most everything is done with the assistance computer. We know how that nothing is quite as frustrating as not getting that project turned in on time or missing out on on the latest episode of your new favorite show. Luckily, we're here at Computer Doctors to handle any of your computer repair needs in the Fort Collins area.

Tech repair is a tricky endeavor and inexperienced hands can make take a problem from bad to catastrophic. Whether you have a PC or Mac computer, we have ample experience to serve your technology needs.

Laptop Repair Services

Computer Doctors is proud to have a team of technicians that can solve almost any hardware issue. Our Complete Diagnostic includes an analysis of whether your broken computer can be repaired or worth replacing. Here is a list of some common hardware problems we can fix in shop: 

  • Damaged power jack connectors
  • RAM upgrade and installation
  • Screen replacement
  • Drive replacement and upgrade
  • Faulty motherboards
  • Bad power supplies
  • Liquid damage

Desktop Repair Services

While laptops may be the majority of machines that we see come through our doors, they aren't all we work on. We can help facilitate a litany of desktop repair services to help give your machine some new life, or better yet, a hefty system upgrade! Our desktop services include but are not limited to:

  • CPU and/or GPU heatsink repastes
  • RAM upgrade and installation
  • Fan upgrades and replacements
  • Case swaps
  • Power supply installation
  • Full computer assemblies

After your desktop machine gets a check-up through us, we can let you know if it's worth a repair or if your best path forward is having a new custom build created.

If you're having a computer emergency, don't wait any longer - call the Computer Doctors today!

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