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If you need refurbished computers Fort Collins CO, you've come to the right place. Do you want to buy a new computer but everything seems to exceed your budget? Have you ever heard of refurbished computers? Our computers generally cost about 30-50% less than the retail price of a new machine. We regularly see our business grade machines out perform equivalent consumer grade systems - both in day-to-day performance and over long term use.

Colorado Computer Doctors is here to teach you about the best refurbished computers Fort Collins CO has to offer. 

We are a computer store that earns your trust through honesty, integrity, expertise, and reliability. Based and operated in Fort Collins CO, we don’t just compete on prices or products. We do our best to get the computer of your dreams. No one can guarantee a machine that functions perfectly at all times, which is why we make it possible to resolve every problem you encounter along the way.

What does 'refurbished' mean?

A refurbished computer doesn't necessarily mean a used computer. Sometimes, refurbished computers Fort Collins CO are brand new and untouched. When customers return open-box computers, the store can no longer sell the unit as brand new. This could be because a client had a change of mind and requires a different model, or they want new specs.

Refurbished could also mean the computer did not pass a quality test, so it had to be rebuilt. Manufacturers will replace faulty components and relist the machine as a refurbished unit.

What comes along with a refurbished computer?

All of our refurbished laptops and desktops come with almost everything you need to get up and running. Our laptops will include an AC adapter, a battery that we thoroughly test to ensure it meets our performance standards, and of course the machine itself - which we preinstall with a licensed copy of Windows 10. Desktop models will come with a complete working system, again with Windows 10 preinstalled. However, you will need to have a monitor, keyboard and mouse to make the most of your machine. If you don't have those on hand, fear not - we sell them as well!

Shop Our Refurbished Computers

These are just SOME of the reasons to shop refurbished for your next machine:

Affordable prices

If you're a big fan of tech, you understand new models of computers come out monthly. Refurbished computers share a lot in common with new models, but you won't have to pay the hefty price tag of a brand-new machine.

Better and faster than new machines

As you go in for a second-hand machine, you can generally afford better features such as memory, screen quality, and processor speed. You can find a refurbished options of a new system, sometimes in as few as three months of a machine hitting the market. 

Protect your investment

You may think getting a refurbished computer is putting your funds at risk. That's not how it works when you shop with us. All of our machines come with a 1 year hardware warranty, offered locally through us. No need to send your machine off to a manufacturer for weeks on end when we can usually knock them out for you within a few days.

Keep it environmentally conscientious 

We believe in doing our part today to build a better world for tomorrow. One of the best ways to recycle computers is to upcycle them! By refreshing an older machine, we are giving it a chance to get more use and stay out of a landfill - and if we're being totally honest it helps us feel good about the work we do. You can share that feeling by picking up a new-to-you machine from Computer Doctors at our Fort Collins location!

In case you found a refurbished computer on our site and would love to know more about it, don't hesitate to contact us and get your questions answered.

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