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RAM Installation

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We offer upgrades to both Desktop & Laptop PC's.
Increasing your RAM Allows you to run more tasks simultaneously.

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Virus Repair

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Why Computer Doctors for your virus/malware repair? We can help NOW! No need to set up an appointment, bring in your desktop or laptop, we can get you into our system and get you up and running quickly! We offer professional virus/spyware/malware removal and guarantee our work. We can also train you on preventative measures to help keep your system clean. Your most trusted Virus Removal in Fort Collins!


  • Fast turnaround time

  • $99 no matter how badly infected

  • Guaranteed repair

  • Preventative tools installed

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Business Consulting

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Computer Doctors helps YOU run YOUR business optimally by implementing business IT technology and streamlining your computing on platforms that are simple, yet effective. As your full service IT company, we are able to get you exactly what you need, whether it's a new server, workstations or laptops and it's all provided to you in-house so there won't be compatibility issues. Let Computer Doctors service all your business computer needs by allowing us to do what we do best, so you can do what YOU do best.


  • Proven Cost Effective Solutions

  • $100/hour Consulting Rates

  • Work With 1 IT Company Instead of Many in Different IT Areas

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder

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Screen Replacement

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We offer Laptop screen replacement in our Fort Collins store, we don't have to ship it off to "Headquarters" like a lot of our big box competitors. 


  • $99 Labor + Parts

  • Guaranteed Repair

  • Done RIGHT the First Time

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Drive Replacement

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This Service Package includes the following repairs:

  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Data Backup and Migration (if data is accessible)
  • Operating System Repair OR Reinstallation
  • Drive Installation and Updates
  • System Restore Point Creation
  • Junk File Cleanup
  •  Windows System Updates


Note: The cost of a new hard drive is not included in the $150 service price

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